Krystal Care is an independent, family run, friendly and professional organisation providing high quality care in the Nottinghamshire area.

You maybe reading this as a potential service user, family member or friend of someone you know who has reached a stage in life where a little extra help would be useful. This does not necessarily mean that you are in the latter years of life. You may have had an accident, have a disability or mobility problem which prevents what once was a simple task now becoming more difficult.

At times we all need a little help for one thing or another; as a family member you may find that looking after a relative creates concerns and requires tasks you are unfamiliar with or may feel distressed in having to carry out. It could be that having lived an independent lifestyle there are now mobility problems that prevent you living the way you are accustomed to. There can be many reasons why you are looking at care options and the good news is those options are available and easy to access through us.

Through our experiences we have grown to understand the needs of local people within the community and the difficulties and uncertanties that they may face in life. We understand their problems and are sympathetic to their wishes, our philosophy is to listen, consult and then offer solutions which best suit the individuals imediate requirements and long term needs.