The law has recently changed,so that is now a duty that local councils offer money instead of arranging a service for those who are eligible.

The idea of a direct payment or individualised budget is to give flexability to individuals so that they have a greater choice of how your needs will be met,By whom and what time is suitable for you.

What is the difference between direct payments and individualised budgets??

With individualised budgets,you can choose to have services provided by local authorities in addition to employing people directly,You can not do this with direct payments.

Who can recieve Direct payments/individualised budgets??

  • Older people who have been assesed as needing community care services.
  • Disabled people aged 16 and over,including persons with short and long term needs.
  • Carers, in place of recieving carers services.
  • Families with disabled children for childrens services
  • Disabled parents for chlidrens sevices



If i have been assessed and/or recieveing community home care,Am i automatically entitled to recieve direct payments /individualised budgets?

YES even if you turned them down previously

If my local council offers me direct payments can i refuse?

YES it is your freedom of choice

Will i still recieve home care if i refuse individualised budgets/Direct payments?

YES  Individulised budgets /direct payments may no suit your life styles

Can i use direct payments/individual budgets to employ my relatives ?

NO this is a payment made to purchase your care from a recognised provider

Will the local council give me enough money to meet my care needs?

YES Local councils HAVE to give you enough money to make adequate arrangements to meet your ASSESSED needs,including any legal responsabilities you may have as an employer.

The local council also has a responsability to secure BEST VALUE,Therefor it may not be prepared to pay the full cost of the particular method of purchasing services which you choose,if your nneds can be met just as weel in different ways which costs less.

Will i have to make a financial contribution if i recieve direct payments/individualised budgets

You may be asked to make a financial contribution just as you may be already being charged.The way the local council decides how much to charge you is by doing a fairer charging assessment

If i recieve direct payments /individualised budgets will the monies i recieve be regarded as adding to my income?

NO Direct payments /individualised budgets will be ignored in the calculation of income related social security benefits.Inland revenue will NOT regard direct payments /individual budgets as part of your taxable income.

Why recieve care from a comapny rather than employing individual people as personal assistants?

If you employ a personal assistant you become there employer you are responsable for there tax and national insurrance,Health and safety, and have the same responsability as every employer.

You also have the added problem of finding extra staff at times of holiday or sickness

Krystal care provides a service 365 days per year,We are registered wth CSCI and the local councils,All staffs are CRB checked and have had extensive training to enable them to carry out there duties as care workers.

We deliver

  • High quality of care
  • continuity of care (regular team of carers)
  • Out of hours emergency phone number
  • Contract of employment between Krystal Care and Service User
  • Full Care plan and risk Assessment drawn up with us and yourselves
  • Full proffesional and employers liability insurance
  • Follow all CSCI standards and general social care standards