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Our Mission

'To provide excellent quality domiciliary care through our services to meet the care needs of our service users. We will achieve this by focusing on the needs of the service user through our motivated and friendly staff and the development of a quality care plan.'

Aims & Objectives

We aim to provide a quality service to prospective service users to enable them to enjoy and maintain a good quality of life. Care is provided on an individual basis according to needs and choice which enables prospective service users to remain in their own home with involvement, independence, dignity and self respect.

How would it feel if you could rely on someone to arrive on time to provide the help you need?

Someone who would complete those difficult tasks, someone who was friendly, experienced and with you only when you needed. Someone who would provide a service you had discussed, thought about and agreed, removing the stress and worry, and at the same time encouraging you to maintain your own independence.

Service provision will be based upon initial assessments. Prior to the commencement of services an individual care plan is produced which incorporates choice and preference and wishes of the individual.

The preparation and monitoring of such care plans directly relates to the attainment and retention of normal daily living activities. The care plans will be reviewed on a regular basis with input from the service user their family, relatives or representatives. Within this process and the overall service delivery we aim to ensure that the service users rights are observed.These rights maybe summarised as follows.

·         The right to choose

·         The right to privacy

·         The right of self respect

·         The right to be an individual

·         The right of independence

·         The right to respect

The way that care is provided and organised should enable all service users at all times to feel valued as individuals, be involved in all aspects relating to their care and attain there own objectives.

Krystal Care's goal is to ensure all our service users have the highest quality care possible.